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Ginny is Feeling the Love!

January 21, 2019

We love getting positive feedback! Last week, Ginny of customer service received a beautiful, hand-knit scarf from Barbara in Florida with a note enclosed: "From me to U - With appreciation for making a grandmother's wish happen."  We love making precious life moments even more special with our handmade gifts, and are amazed by the creativity of our customers! 

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We are returning to our ROOTS!

July 23, 2018

Eglomise means "reverse painted glass"  When we began in 1965 every piece was individually painted.  When we brought on personalization in the late 1990s we moved to a lithography process and the color was no longer applied directly to the glass. But we're bringing it back.  Color on the reverse side of glass.  This means some slight re-design to allow for an efficient process.  Since we cannot make your order until we recieve it with personalization details we have to run, run, run to give the color enough dry time.  You will recognize our signature style with a reverse of your school color and real gold paint!  Bringing authentic eglomise to your home and office. Please allow 5-7 days for...

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Father's Day

June 09, 2016

We promised you something special for Father's Day and its here!  We have four paperweights celebrating that first game of Go Fish your Dad played with you. We all love the look of historical artifacts.  Days gone by when kings wore fur and queens wore a ruff.  We've updated it a bit with colors common in our Traditional line but we are sure Dad will love this paperweight.

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