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Our Story

The French word églomisé (egg-low-me-zay) means "glass gilded," decorating glass by painting on the back or reverse side, sometimes gilding with gold or metal leaf. Martha Demerjian, Eglomise Designs founder and owner, collected mirrored frames by the hundreds when she was a young woman. But as often happens when living with parents, her loving mother eventually lost patience and asked her to get rid of them. Instead, the talented young artist painted the reverse side of the glass with "primitive images" and hauled some samples to a local art dealer. He bought every piece but one, and that one remains for Martha to treasure, and to remember her humble beginnings.

At first Martha thought she would continue with her successful art form. But as often happens in the U.S., her talent, curiosity and drive opened new, exciting doors - in this case, the doors of Harvard University!

Ever the natural entrepreneur and artistic spirit, she saw the Harvard shield on a book cover and on a whim painted one "églomisé style" to sell there. And she got her first rejection. But most of us would kill for the kind of rejection she received: a request to instead please return with painted copies of the historic campus buildings. She promptly did so and those Harvard sales led to Dartmouth sales, and soon all of the Ivy League schools were clients. In fact, Martha was in no time at all jetting everywhere to showcase her talent to universities, thus beginning what has become a 51-year American successful story.

Eglomise Designs is still a manufacturing facility owned and operated in the Boston area since 1965 by one woman. As one might surmise, Martha's company is a little bigger in the britches than 51 years ago, branching out exponentially both in products offered and clientele, which now include universities, large corporations and small businesses, and of course proud parents or family looking for that perfect birth, wedding or anniversary gift.

But here's the great thing about family-owned small businesses: even though the company is now managed by Martha's daughter-in-law, Copper Demerjian, Eglomise Designs president, there's still a good chance that Martha, founder and owner, may answer your call. And she's still involved in company decisions, most especially design, as no one knows better the classic Eglomise Design "touch."

Copper continues the proud tradition of family-owned and operated U.S. manufacturing, helping the business celebrate its 50th year in business in 2015, continuing Martha's vision to expand the company's reach and products. Although the designs are no longer individually hand-painted, the Demerjians still use many of their original illustrations, and Eglomise Designs retains talented digital and production artists on staff as the company has expanded. 

In fact, we may sell to thousands of colleges and universities, but we also sell our beautiful original designs to businesses, nonprofits and the general public. Please ask about custom artwork for your hospital, company, organization, club or business. We can easily personalize your choice of product (except jewelry) with the name and year of honor for any special person you wish to recognize. We also have a delightful collection celebrating the unique character and design of each American League baseball stadium - a very fitting gift for your favorite fan on Fathers’ Day, Little League birthdays, or as thanks to the coach. And let's not forget baby - our Alphabet Animals are very popular baby shower gifts for new parents!

We’re so happy that you found us. Take a look around our digital showroom or give us a call and let us show you how to join our family of happy customers nationwide with the ageless, timeless beauty of églomisé.