Product Examples

Below you will find a listing of most all of the products we make in Minnesota. After reading this information and the personalization guide, you will be ready to select your school, landmark, or image of choice, and then place an order. We have an unusual catalog, with many complex licensing agreements, so all products are not available with all artwork. Bulk holiday cards are available only to our V.I.P buyers. Our children's line is restricted by product size and some schools are only licensed for a portion of our product range. Please email for help through the process.




Our traditional line is our classic Eglomise-style artwork in color.  Eglomise means "reverse painted glass". Our color is applied to the back of the glass.  This is our widest line as it also contains our original product from 1965, the large silver mirror.


eglomise designs traditional large silver picture

Traditional Large Picture Silver Leaf Frame 15” x 10” Item #: 0065


Traditional Large Mirror Silver Leaf Frame 15” x 26” Item #: 0127



Featuring your school scene of choice our wooden keepsake boxes are handmade to order.  Our mini arrives in cherry stain with the actual wood grain showing because they are actually made from real wood milled, stained, sealed and assembled here in the US.  There are slight imperfections in real wood, please consider this part of the character of a real product and not pressed wood, common in "wood boxes" in the gift market.


Traditional Medium Picture 11 3⁄4” x 9 1⁄4” 



The color of the glass rim will change depending upon the school you order.  This is tied to the school licensing so we cannot provide a green when the school is licensed for a blue.


Traditional Glass Photoframe  Product #: 0056







medium wooden keepsake box pecan

Traditional Medium Wood Keepsake Box Pecan Finish 11 1⁄4” x 8 7⁄8” x 2 1⁄2” 



  Wood framed desk clock retirement gift

Traditional Wood Framed Desk Clock Cherry Finish 7 1⁄8” x 8 5⁄8” x 2 1⁄4

This is made with a deep wooden frame and a mahogany finish with a glass face. Usually available in both Traditional and Antique style if those styles are both available for your image.  Uses a AA battery that has accessible replacement.  Clock hands are exposed and clock should be placed in a location protected from indoor football, rambunctious children or tail-in-a-twist cats.  Mantle tops tend to be somewhat safer than desktops but we do not guarantee the behavior of your cat. 

Please note: Unlike many of our other items personalization is difficult on this product due to location of clock face in relation to the image. This means that the institution or school name is often at the top of the clock and the person's name and graduation or retirement year is placed underneath the school image.  Please consult our personalization guide or feel free to contact customer service if you have questions or concerns.


Eglomise Designs mini wooden keepsake box college graduation gift

 Traditional Mini Box - Cherry Finish  8 1⁄2” x 7 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2”


 Mini Glass Picture - desktop by Eglomise Designs


Traditional Mini Glass Desktop Picture 4 3⁄4” x 5”






Our Antique line is reminiscent of Antique English Engraving or a Pen and Ink style of artwork.  Perfect for the person you don't know the color or style of their office this highly neutral style can go anywhere without making waves.


Antique wooden keepsake box graduation gift 


Antique Medium Box
Pecan Finish
11 1⁄4” x 8 7⁄8” x 2 1⁄2”
Item #: 0091

This wooden keepsake box has a warm toned stain with a glass face and a mirror on the inside of the lid.  Special Orders can be provided with no interior mirror for those with a religious or cultural preference.  Such Special Orders are made with a felt backed inside of the lid. Extra charge.









Antique Medium Mirror  White Gold Frame 11 3⁄4” x 24 3⁄8”
Item #: 0057


Antique Mini Keepsake Box by Eglomise Designs

Antique Mini Keepsake Box  

8 1⁄2” x 7 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2”