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Do you have my school?

We might have your school, please call customer service to check.  We are in the process of taking a 50 year old catalog of art and placing it on the web.  This is a slow, manual process.

We might not have your school because it does not participate in one of the major licensing programs, and so we do not have it licensed or listed.

We might have your school, but it is not listed on our website as there is a minimum order required and single item orders will not meet that minimum.  If you have friends who are alumni, we recommend gathering a group order and calling that in.

If you do not see your school, scene, or building, please call us at 800.443.8987 or send us an email at info@eglomisedesigns.com and we would be glad to assist you.

We are a private school and would like our school to be listed so we can give recognition gifts to alumni and board members, how do we do that?

First, you can provide us with our standard release so we know we have your permission to use your name and school images.  Second, you can place an order and either pay for the art charge ($420.00 pro-rated with larger orders) to place your school in our catalog, or you place a bulk order meeting the minimums to waive the art charge.  Please contact customer service at 800.443.8987 to discuss your needs.

What is the size of the gift?

The sizes of each product are listed beside them on their store pages on the website. All measurements are in inches.

What does personalization cost?

Personalization costs 15 dollars additional on most products. Some products, like the boy or girl mirror, have personalization included in the price because it is not optional based upon the design.

Do you have to put the year next to the graduate's name when personalizing?

No, we can omit that or substitute the degree earned such as J.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., etc. We can put your choice of messages in the scene to commemorate the event of your choice.

How many lines of personalization on x item?

Our images allow for one line of personalization on an item, along with the name of the institution or organization.  We find that any more either crowds the image, or needs to be in such small font to fit the area. Then it is unreadable, and not the beautiful touchstone gift Eglomise prefers to provide.

How many lines of personalization on the paperweight and photoframe products?

You are limited to two lines of personalization for the paperweight and photoframe.  We recommend their name and the year of their graduation for the first line, and the school name for the second line.

All other products get three lines, and we recommend that the bottom line is the name of the school or scene. So please allocate two lines for the recipient and occasion.

Shipping cost?

Shipping cost is calculated based upon your location and distance from our manufacturing facility in Devens, MA.  We use UPS for all standard shipping, and our costs are calculated based upon current UPS charges. These will be shown as soon as you enter the shipping address during the order process.

Did it ship?  What is the tracking number?

We provide an email with the tracking number included as soon as your item ships.  While we aim to ship within two weeks from date of order placement, personalization can add to this time frame.

Can you show me the image used?

Yes, although this can take up to a week to provide to you.  Please email a request to info@eglomisedesigns.com with the item and image you are interested in seeing.