Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Established in 1861 and opening in 1865, MIT has produced numerous Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science recipients, Rhodes Scholars and Astronauts.  The Engineers compete in NCAA Division III athletics.

Our historic rendering features a View from the Charles River and includes the Great Dome at the left and the Eastgate tower on the right.  Built in 1916, the Great Dome was inspired by Columbia’s Low Memorial Library and the UVA’s Rotunda.  Built in 1967, Eastgate is a residential apartment building.

Reminiscent of the French églomisé style, our Traditional scenes offer a most distinctive and professional gift of luxury.  Well suited for display in either home or office, they are a source of pride for both sender and receiver.  The paperweight, most glass products and “mini” products feature red trim.  Mirrors and pictures are ready to hang.  Boxes include quality brass fittings.  Proudly made in America.