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Customer Comments & Compliments - Real Artists

Posted by LIA . on

 Oh, Eglomise Designs has a real artist on staff, and she will often tweak a design, or sometimes engage in the complete design & execution of a whole new project. It is exciting as she never knows what may come to her desk. It is meticulously painstaking work  completed on quite small canvases - look at our paperweights or small desk boxes. One of our customers had this kind response to our artist's effort: I appreciate the willingness of the artists to create the best sketch possible of our campus. Their attention to detail is wonderful! ~J. R. Office of...

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Snow Days

Posted by Copper Demerjian on

Welcome to Eglomise Designs.  We're small, our employees live in MA and have dealt with the winter of 2014/2015 by having more than the typical number of snow days.  If you call us or email us and you don't get a hold of us immediately please check the weather.  We dig out and dig out again and the kids are more than thrilled with the sliding available this winter.  This does mean that you cannot reach us if we cannot reach work.  We are still shipping all orders within 2 weeks of order and hope that we don't get so...

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