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Customer Comments & Compliments - Real Artists

 Oh, Eglomise Designs has a real artist on staff, and she will often tweak a design, or sometimes engage in the complete design & execution of a whole new project. It is exciting as she never knows what may come to her desk. It is meticulously painstaking work  completed on quite small canvases - look at our paperweights or small desk boxes. One of our customers had this kind response to our artist's effort:

I appreciate the willingness of the artists to create the best sketch possible of our campus. Their attention to detail is wonderful!

~J. R.

Office of University Relations

Penn State Abington

 Please feel free to call 800.443.8987 and speak with Sherri about custom artwork.  There is a 6-8 week lead time and our artist does not do custom work just before Christmas or graduation.