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It's now 2015 and everyone is calling about our factory sale.  The news is there will no longer be any factory sales.  I know, we're so sorry.  There are a number of reasons for this change.

First, we're finding year after year we see a shift towards more and more personalization.  This means that any excess or wrongly engraved product is really not saleable because there may be two people named  "Jennifer Swanson" but the chances of two "Jennifer Swanson" attending the same university is so low that we are now disposing of anything not immediately shipped.

Next we are finding that sales from certain universities are low and dropping.  We don't know why but we cannot afford to hold onto a license and pay royalties on a University name that is not popular anymore.  This means that items that we've held onto for years as overruns are not selling and so we've discontinued those universities.  We do hope that the alumni spirit and pride returns for those universities.  Although we do know the economy plays a role in this.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we've switched suppliers and worked with other suppliers so our quality of materials has improved significantly which means less loss on the assembly line while also providing us with less overrun product. 

This means that we can move exclusively to made-to-order for your special gift.  The downside is that we do not warehouse or stock any overruns anymore and so with that we say farewell to our factory sales.

As always, wishing your graduate many future successes!



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