Product and Process update for Eglomise Designs Fall 2020

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As many of you know Covid19 has hit many businesses, schools, restaurants, and families quite hard.  We are not exempt to the damage that it has wrought.  As a small woman-owned and woman-managed business we are trying our best to stay in business.  Many of our cherished gift store and jewelry store partners have closed shop. We are both sad to see them go but also the reduction in sales for us has had an impact.  The same issue has happened with our schools with events cancelled and budgets cut.  We do understand, everyone is struggling through a very difficult situation.

One of the largest impacts to Eglomise Designs has been in a loss of staff.  With parents staying home because schools are closed and daycare is wait-list only we do not have the womanpower to paint and assemble product as fast as we used to.  We will continue to have an average order to ship date of 3 weeks and longer.  Please order early if you have an occasion and please let us know when your occasion is as we will always try to meet your needs.

The other very large impact has been reduced sales. This means we have not made the number of sales we needed to re-license the use of the school names we have relied upon for many years.  So our College and University schools are taking a sabbatical from Eglomise's offerings.  If you are a college administrator there may be an exception available to you.  Please email to work with us on that possibility.

Our little boy and little girl mirror that is a favorite of many is still available.  Any state capital in our library is still available.  We are working on updating the website offerings to reflect this.  A small number of school licenses run on a calendar year and those licenses we retain until the end of December 2020.  University of Massachusetts, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, MIT are included in that group.

 Discontinued products.  We have struggled to cover the basic costs on a few of our cherished products and we are now making the painful decision to cut them from our offerings. 

These are:

traditional mini mirror

traditional mini picture

traditional mini clock


We are also discontinuing our minimalist line as we can not cover basic costs on this line.  We still have some materials for that line and so are offering it to you at below actual cost.  Call it a liquidation of this product line.  We are still charging an additional 20$ for the personalization as that does require us to pay for graphics employee time.

Medium minimalist mirror is now 111.00

Medium minimalist picture is now 86.50

Minimalist paperweight is now 32.00

Mini minimalist keepsake box is now 97.00

All of these are black and gold.  They require an additional 20 dollars for personalization and are in LIMITED QUANTITIES and LIMITED TIME.  First come first serve for these orders.

We are still offering our holiday cards.  The 10 count gray box is being discontinued.  We still have a stock of boxes and so if you wish to order this product know it is a limited availability.  We will be still offering our bulk holiday cards but will be cutting off proof approvals by October 30th to allow our reduced staff enough time to fill your order.

Our phone number is: 612.888.2676

Our new address is:  100 S. 1st Street  #581996  Minneapolis, MN 55458

As always the best way to place an order is


And a Thank you to all of the wonderful supportive notes we have received these last few months.  It has helped keep us going through these strange and disruptive times.




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