Covid-19 update for Eglomise Designs

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Our shop in Minnesota is still open. 
Please allow additional ordering time as we may be short-handed as our policy has always been to keep sick people at home.
We want you to know that your product arrives safe and disease free. We realize that there is a great deal of information we do not yet know about this disease. We are not changing any of our standard practices because of this disease. However, our standard practices have always been protective of our employees and our workplace. As a woman-owned and woman-managed company we have always requested ill employees stay home and heal. It does no one any good to spread a cold or the flu around when we are such a small shop. We require, standard, our artisans to wear gloves for the sake of protecting their hands from cuts as they work with glass and to keep fingerprints to a minimum on your product. They are offered nitrile gloves as well as kevlar gloves for safety. The staff wear both of these at the same time while working. They are sent home if they are sick so no one else gets ill. We use isopropyl alcohol and windex to clean products before packaging. The glass is cleaned before being painted and tools and equipment are used with gloves on and obviously cleaned on a very regular basis. As always, we wish to give you, our customers, the best possible service while keeping a healthy and happy team.  We will provide an update if we see a disruption to order fulfillment.  As your order is not made until you order it please do allow time for our team to paint the glass and glue, nail, assemble all of the pieces of your order.

Supply Chain issues:

MINNESOTA to be specific.  This means we have materials to make your gift special. 
Additionally we do not expect any material disruptions due to materials from China as we source the majority of our materials from the US, Canada, Italy, and other parts of South East Asia. We purchase our moulding many months ahead of our busy season so it can be made into frames before you order. If you have a particularly large order of paperweights we might have an issue as we are still working on quality control with new suppliers for paperweights. This is a separate issue from any manufacturing in China being shut down. Your heirloom gift is made here in our Minnesota shop after you place your order so until MN is shut down we do not expect any difficulties.
Wishing everyone good health and safety as we pull together to get through this difficult time.

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