Changing of the times at Eglomise

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Starting last week, and probably extending for some time, we are pulling things apart here at Eglomise.  A trusty piece of equipment, that recovered from being fully flooded a few years ago, is now being retired and recycled.  We have to disassemble each piece so the plastic covers can be recycled separately from the metal and the computer boards.  The charges for recycling the computer boards is not high but well worth keeping toxic metals out of our landfills.

If you've ordered holiday note cards from us in the last 10 years this is the machine that helped us make those note cards for your Christmas mailing.  We've a new, much smaller replacement for this monster of a machine - it was fully 18 feet long!  It is amazing how technology has improved and shrunk over time.  We are getting to know our new machine, and will be up and "ready to roll" in very short order for your Holiday Mailing of 2015.





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