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This is another delightful tale of Fun with the Customer - from Sherri, our Customer Service Representative here at Eglomise Designs, Inc.


His name is Edward R. and here is his story as told by Sherri:

"He married his Yankee wife over 57 years ago and moved her to Virginia – but she is still crazy for Boston!  She is from West Roxbury and he is from Worcester. They have our Boston scene pieces all over the house, which seems to bug him a bit, but he tolerates it. They have lived 'in Virginia for quite some time now.'

 So, he called about two months ago looking for a box of 24 note cards for the swan boats, which of course, I had to tell him were discontinued.  I started suggesting other items, which they already had, but I got to the charms and he gave them some thought.  He called a couple of weeks later to order the charm in 24kt gold plate - 'because she costs me enough already.' We placed the order, and then he called on Monday worried that it wasn’t going to arrive for her 80th birthday coming up on Wednesday. I verified with Sandra and we determined that it would get there in time by ground delivery. He took me at my word.

 Well, he called back today to thank “the girl,” because not only did it arrive on time, but it was 'very lovely, and they were both very pleased.' He's really pretty funny reported Sherri, 'I said I liked that size charm because it is petite yet sparkly, and he retorted that she just  likes expensive!' When I asked if I could use him as a reference, I also asked if we had permission to say it was her 80th. birthday gift, and he said that 'she is so old, she won't remember!'

And strangely, he remembers our location at the "Old Army Camp Devens" because he remembers coming here as a child, to see the German Prisoners of War singing together. That would have been in 1944-46, perhaps for a Christmas Concert.


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