Valentine's Day - An old fashioned one

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So let me tell you about my mom.  She sends cards.  For everything.  I mean everything.  She'll send a thank you card for your visit, for your card, everything.  If you visited her and brought cookies, she'll rave about those too. I don't know if I've ever met a woman who was more thankful for the small gifts and graces in her life.  

Here is the funny thing, it makes you feel special. Indeed, it may seem over the top to receive cards from her for so many occasions.  I thought she was strange until I grew up, I grew up late, what can I say.  You see, she doesn't take life for granted.  She celebrates all of the small things.  This, more than most expensive diamond can make you feel cherished.  We all like to feel special, cherished.  I now realize that I am doubly lucky in that my mother cherished me so, but also that she taught me the importance of making those around me feel special.

So remember, on this valentines day, there are those out there that may not hear how special they are every day of the week.  This is your chance.  Remember to make them feel cherished.  It doesn't have to be a diamond bracelet or a fancy Eglomise Gift.  I does have to let them know you are thinking of them.  Do something that makes them feel special, or something that makes them laugh if they need cheering.  If you want something small we have occasion cards and if you want something larger, more permanent, we recommend a mirror.

But above all, do something, remember to make your loved ones, including your sweetie if you are lucky enough to have one, feel special.


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