Celebrate 50 years with Eglomise Designs in 2015!

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We are celebrating.  We've been in business for half of a century.  Begun by a woman and run by a woman.  This is why we focus upon quality heirloom gifts.

 Why do we give gifts?  Typically we gift gifts to celebrate a significant achievement, to say thank you for the service of a stellar employee, to show honor and appreciation, to show our love for someone we're proud of and care about. 

 Well, this year, we're proud of our work for the last 50 years, we appreciate the hard effort of our employees but we also, more than anything else, want to celebrate our significant achievement of being a 50 year old business.  We wouldn't have made it without YOU, our customers.  You the ones that keep coming back for another grandchild who graduates college.  You the administrator that thanks the service of those around you.  You who values tradition, ettiquette and the people in your life.

 So, to celebrate send us a picture of a recipient of an Eglomise Designs gift.  Tell their story, where did they go to school, why did you get them an Eglomise Designs gift, do they still use it? Do they keep their cell phone in that desk box along with some lipstick to check on their appearance before that all important presentation? 

 When you send us your story and picture we will post it on our website.  Every story we post will be entered into a drawing to win an Eglomise Designs gift of their choice.  Anything of your wish that is in our currently licensed library of images along with personalization.  We will draw for one winner every month March through December of 2015.  Why?  Because we want to CELEBRATE!!


Items sent by mail or package will not be returned.  Submissions can also be made to info@eglomisedesigns.com

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