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There are some people in our lives that are special, with a capital S, and those dear ones deserve the very best. When you are thinking of what to get for them, remember this lovely comment from our fine customer Bob C. about his special family & friends:

"Everything was excellent, including a faster-than-expected receipt of the item ordered.  I have purchased a number of products in the past from Eglomise Designs for graduation gifts, but always ordered in person from a store in McLean, VA, which is a bit of an undertaking for me to get to.  So I know what the items actually look like, and now that one can view the particular college scene on-line, I have no qualms about ordering directly from the website.  To be honest, the items are expensive, but I buy them only for special friends and family members. To a person, they have always loved the gifts.  I don't buy very often, and I don't know who or when the next lucky person will be, but I would not hesitate to recommend your products to someone if they expressed interest."

Bob C. Repeat Customer

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